‘Tis the time of printing and re-printing~

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So, the Inktober 2018 and Slowvember drawings have finally been processed, packaged, and sent out to print, I thought I’d reviewed a few of my smaller zines that I’ve printed in the past year.  

The DIMs: Alice & Co. was one of my favourite zine project from 2015. I love the subject matter (favourite book, characters, and particular passage!) and absolutely enjoyed designing them. In fact, I have so many more designs for each of these characters that I included in the zine that I may consider rendering them properly and organise them into another bigger zine project in the future. My only regret for this zine was the page limit that I limited myself to during that time.


This DIMs collection came out of my curiosity of “how many different kind of masks can I come up with within a month?” Although the drawings were not done within 30 -day, the concept for each of the masks in this zine was drafted out within that set period. It was a pretty fun project for me, while exposing myself for my limited imagination regarding the subject. May visit this idea again sometime, but maybe in conjunction with something else. Personally, I quite like this zine (short and sweet =P), but the concept wasn’t very well received among my friends; it appears that the masks creeped them out somewhat. Am I the only one who found these stuff cool as hell!?


One of the Daily Ink Mini series (DIMs) zine from 2017. This is pretty much a collection of all the small animal drawings (in ink) that I had in my sketch book at that point. Most of the image reference came from instagram and pinterest. As these are by no means the only animal drawing I have in my books, there’s definitely gonna be another animal-theme zine in the future.


Slowvember 2018 and Draw 50 Things

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Taking it slow after the go-go drawing schedule of Inktober. Here’s a “mashup (?)” of some of the characters from the Inktober challenge.

Considering that I figured that the only time I have to do this will be during the total of 40 minutes commute I have each day, I settled on this 2-room, look-through-the-windows style design (tips for lazy ass like me, wink*). I really had fun drawing this one, I hope you guys we’ll have fun looking at these too =]


Inktober 2018 – Finished, not Perfect!

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Brainstorm – sketch – struggle – struggle more – cursed the limited 24-hr day one has – repeat.

It’s been a busy year, but October – Inktober had really claimed the crown for the MOST HECTIC time of the year so far! If I have the choice, I’ll never try juggling a month full of animal experiments with a-ink-piece-a-day challenge. The schedule almost crushed me completely (well, I did become sick half way through…), but hey, I weathered through it! Good job me! Lets try it again next year =]

Here are some sketches I did while brainstorming the design for some of the pieces. For the finished drawings, please go to the Inktober2018 page through the project tab.


some of the sketches for a few of the inktober pieces.


sketches and digitally inked version or the Inktober 2018 zine

Rob and the Robot :: How Do We Get There?


So, during a recent prolonged hospital visit away from home, I finally got around to do a (more) detailed and proper (??) drawing on my iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Although I do do sketches of objects or figures in Procreate periodically, I have never done a full page (A4) drawing pass the draft-stage on the device so far. Therefore, the idea of starting one on the blank 12” screen kinda left me, well, “blank” for awhile there, for the lack of a better word. Nevertheless, the sense of lost-ness sort of transfered itself on to the “page” (ie. screen) as I blotted down shades and silhouettes of characters that eventually turned into the images below. As the piece took shape, I decided to name the drawing “Rob and the Robot :: How do we get there?” Hopefully, the drawings and the context of this drawing will make the meaning/reason(s) of this piece pretty obvious to you, the reader. Anyhow, I feel pretty good with this one may consider to the do a few more pieces in the “Rob and the Robot” series. We’ll see.